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Butterflies of Hope: Continuing The Legacy

Ellie Garzony is a student at GMC and has been a strong asset to Greer Relief since September of 2022. In addition to consistently volunteering at Greer Relief for eight hours per week, Ellie has taken the initiative to coordinate multiple donation drives with the community, conduct a stocking stuffer drive to benefit the Christmas Morning Shoppe, and has even spent her days off from school blessing our neighbors by passing out turkeys for Thanksgiving. We are beyond proud to have such a dedicated and focused intern here at Greer Relief.

As part of her internship at Greer Relief, Ellie is taking on an artistic mini-project to benefit the non-profit organization. The senior project or internship is the primary focus for the graduating class, as it takes the place of all their final exam grades.

In 2018, the “Butterflies of Hope” mural was painted in the lobby of Greer Relief by Ellie’s sister, Karissa. Ellie plans to re-create this mural on canvas so the artwork can be preserved within the new Greer Relief building. This mural has been a source of inspiration and light, highlighting the dedication and impact that Greer Relief has had on the surrounding community.

When asked why she chose this project, Ellie responded, “I not only wanted to preserve the artwork my sister created, but I also wanted to continue the legacy of providing hope and reassurance to every person who enters the building. I love Greer Relief and have seen the incredible impact they have on the community. I want to be a part of that life-changing influence by recreating this mural on canvas.”

This senior has already interned over one-hundred at Greer Relief and is thrilled that her artwork will inspire people in need of encouragement and prove that “every neighbor matters.”

To complete the project, Ellie hopes to raise $350 to pay for supplies. All funds are collected by Greer Relief and any unused funds will remain with Greer Relief to help neighbors in need. Checks and online donations are accepted.

All donations are tax deductible. Click here to donate online.