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Ways to Give


Your 100% tax-deductible gift will help to transform neighbors in need to neighbors who thrive by ensuring the sustainability of services that eliminate poverty and help neighbors overcome barriers for success and can be a wonderful way to honor or memorialize a friend or loved one.



Your 100% tax-deductible gift will help to transform neighbors in need to neighbors who thrive by ensuring the sustainability of services that eliminate poverty and help neighbors overcome barriers for success.




Corporate Giving
Corporate Giving is a great way for your organization to give back to the community via donations, volunteer hours, or sponsoring an event.

Sponsorships at Greer Relief offer significant philanthropic and marketing opportunities. Special sponsorship opportunities are available at various levels. Greer Relief will work with you to develop a plan that meets your objectives and budget.
You will receive prominent exposure and acknowledgment before, during, and after the event. Depending on the level of sponsorship, benefits may include:

  • Logo credit in all program materials, including company logo on event website and event banner, and recognition in the Community Journal.

Sponsorship Opportunities


Host a benefit for Greer Relief! Invite friends, family, and neighbors to join you in an event to benefit Greer Relief. Benefits allow you to get creative! The possibilities are limitless. To organize a benefit or food drive, call, email, or stop by, and we’ll get started!

Benefit Ideas:

  • Who wouldn’t want to see their principal get a pie to the face? How about seeing your favorite coach get his head shaved? Set a $ goal that, when reached, will end with a bang!
  • Bake sales, car washes, breakfasts, lunches or concerts.
  • Encourage your congregation to request an offering of donations to benefit Greer Relief.
  • Solicit local businesses or your classmates’ families for prizes to raffle or auction. Examples of prizes might include movie tickets, hotel packages, plane tickets, or donated artwork.
  • Have a “loose change” bin sitting at your school cafeteria. As students eat lunch they can put their loose change in the collection bin to be donated to Greer Relief.
  • Find large glass jars, place in rooms, and have a race to see who can fill up their jars with pennies. Add a twist! If one team adds bills to an opposing team’s jar, they must subtract money from their total amount (if you put in a $5 bill, the other team takes $5 off their total).

If you are interested in hosting a benefit, please contact Halle Blackwell at  We would love to support your event via our social media.


Food/Donation Drive Ideas

  • Create competitions between classrooms or grades at your school, teams at your office, or individuals to see who will collect the most nonperishable food items. Use the number of items donated to determine the winner. You can either get a local business to donate, or Greer Relief can make sure the winners get a special prize for their winning donation!
  • Encourage your congregation to bring food donations over the course of a month to benefit Greer Relief.
  • Hold a holiday-themed food drive.
  • Message your neighborhood to inform them in advance of a special day you’ll be picking up donations. On that day, pick up the items with your vehicle, and then let your neighborhood know how much was given!

Host a Food Drive

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Endowments ensure the long term sustainability of our mission no matter the external forces or through any kind of storm. Your one time gift can help secure a safe future for Greer Relief.

Your contribution will help to transform neighbors in need to neighbors who thrive by ensuring the sustainability of services that eliminate poverty and help neighbors overcome barriers for success.


For more information about making an Endowment Gift, please contact Halle Blackwell, Development Manager, at


Your forever gift will ensure the sustainability of Greer Relief for generations to come. Make plans to include us in your estate planning.

Types of Gifts:

  • Cash
  • Appreciated Stock
  • Bequest by Will
  • Life Insurance Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Retirement Funds

For more information or to make a forever gift, please contact Halle Blackwell, Development Manager, at


Great Non-Profits
Make a donation by visiting and search Greer Relief. You can make a donation as well as share your story or experience at Greer Relief.

When you shop with Goodshop, a percentage of your purchases is donated to your chosen cause.
To register, go to and search Greer Relief. Click on “Greer Relief” and then click on “Shop Now.”

Wal-Mart SparkGood
Spark Good Round up is a program that allows and Walmart app customers to round up their purchase total to the nearest dollar at checkout and donate the “change” to a charitable nonprofit of their choice
To register, simply visit and sign in to your account. Search for “Greer Relief” and go to the Round Up box and click “Select this Charity.”

Choose Greer Relief as your charity of choice and everytime you pay with paypal you can donate to Greer Relief. Set us up as your favorite charity to easily give $1 whenever you checkout.

Corporate Match
If your company has a matching gift program, your contribution to Greer Relief can be generously increased and will do even more to support the mission. For your reference, the tax identification number is 57-0370331.

Leadership Donors

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Amy Blackwell
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Bryan Jeter
Carolyn Bethea
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David Langley
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Eric Longino
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